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The Secret of Schiaparelli

Schiaparelli reveals its Secret that will carry all women’s secrets. It is the very first time the Maison located 21 place Vendôme creates a handbag. From the heart of the couture house calling for the highest craftsmanship, the best materials and its ultimate symbol – the padlock, the Secret of Schiaparelli is the contemporary expression of a woman’s bag.

The padlock is the ultimate Schiaparelli symbol, like a coat of arms that has been featured in its collections since 1931. True to the house’s spirit, the Secret features a golden padlock that is both decorative and functional. In the 1930s, Schiaparelli had it in many forms including embroideries, buttons, metal clasps, jewellery, shape of pockets but also a bag locked with a padlock. Its symbolic meaning of protecting precious content, preserving from the evil eye in some cultures and being a token of love for others could only appeal to Elsa Schiaparelli’s esoteric and superstitious nature.

The design of the bag is pure and sophisticated. Graphic, sleek and strong, it fuses what Schiaparelli stands for in terms of values, savoir-faire and details. Each bag is made in France using the most traditional techniques and refined artistry. Its timeless lines include exquisite detailing such as shocking pink inside stitching, a cream nappa lining, the “S” letter subtly engraved on metal studs and Schiaparelli’s lucky number “4” as a leitmotiv - 4 sides, 4 S-engraved studs, 4 small circles like dots on the « i », 4 shocking pink inside stitches, a 4 sided-cylindered buckle, a 4-colour palette - black, gold, cream and shocking pink. Seemingly symmetrical with an asymmetrical twist in its flap showing an off-centred padlock, its shape fuses rectangles, triangles and circles.

Its name is synonymous with mystery and intimacy echoing the one place where a woman keeps her treasured belongings safe and hides her little secrets.

The Secret of Schiaparelli is available 21, place Vendôme.

26th September 2018Events
Schiaparelli opens its salons-boutique dedicated to ready-to-wear & accessories

Schiaparelli opens its boutique-salons dedicated to ready-to-wear and accessories. Located within the historical couture house of 21 place Vendôme, the new space of 400m2 offers a breath-taking view on the Vendôme column up to the Tuileries.

Clients are welcomed in Elsa’s apartment leading to the boutique-salons so that they are fully immersed into the Schiaparelli world. Housing Elsa Schiaparelli’s works of art, original furniture and decorative objects, one can feel its spirit breathe. Creations from Salvador Dali, Alberto Giacometti, Christian Bérard and Jean-Michel Frank engage in an art-meets-fashion conversation with contemporary furnishings.

The unique mix captures Schiaparelli’s elegant and eclectic style while creating an intimate atmosphere to discover Story – a new foray into ready-to-wear and accessories including the launch of the Secret, the very first Schiaparelli handbag. The various rooms showcase prêt-à-couture and accessories on lacquered brass shelves, bronze and glass cases and black lacquered displays.

Today Schiaparelli’s 12 letters shine high through the 12 large windows overlooking the suns of place Vendôme. Yesterday’s legacy and today’s vision merge to entice women to enjoy a shopping experience 21 place Vendôme again.


Schiaparelli boutique-salons, 21 place Vendôme (Mon-Sat/10am-7pm).

25th September 2018Collections
Story #1 Man Ray - A new ready-to-wear project

Photos by Call This Number, Douglas Hart, Steve Mackey
Art directed by Katie Grand
Starring Anna Cleveland, Anna Rubin, Charles Jeffrey, Dilone, Dree Hemingway, Lily Nova, Mariana Zaragoza, Pat Cleveland, Stephen Jones, Tricia Akello
Music by CSS – Alala 
Hair by James Pecis
Makeup by Miranda Joyce 
Manicure by Jenny Longworth
Hair colour by Josh Wood
Casting by Anita Bitton
Team Robbie Mailer-Howart, David White, Lynette Garland, Oliver Volquardsen, Alison O’Brien
© MAN RAY TRUST / Adagp, Paris 2018

20th September 2018Events
Schiaparelli presents Story #1 and opens its salons-boutique on September 25

Drawing upon its legacy of collaborations with artists, artisans and talents, Schiaparelli presents Story – a new foray into ready-to-wear and accessories. Today is about projecting the very definition of a contemporary couture house into the future. While Haute Couture follows a traditional seasonal calendar, Schiaparelli prêt-à-couture reflects a theme in which each Story offers a wardrobe, accessories and surprises in collaboration with guest creatives.

Story #1 is dedicated to Man Ray and the Schiaparelli symbols. Clothes and accessories - in limited edition - play with iconic works of Elsa Schiaparelli’s long-time friend and collaborator Man Ray. Dresses, jackets, blouses, T-shirts and sweaters fuse urban silhouettes and legendary motifs in a renewed art-meets-fashion expression. The Schiaparelli symbols such as padlocks and pierced hearts pepper daywear and evening using trompe l’oeil shadows. In a nod to surrealism, the graphic prints are made into jewellery – all playing with optical illusion and a dreamlike vision of a quirky new dimension.

The Secret of Schiaparelli is also revealed as part of Story #1. The first Schiaparelli bag features a golden clasp in the shape of a padlock, the house’s ultimate symbol. Synonymous with mystery, intimacy, esotericism and a way to unlock something new or private, it has been in Schiaparelli’s collections since 1931. Each Secret bag is made in France using the most traditional techniques and refined craftsmanship. Its timeless design includes exquisite details such cream leather nappa lining and shocking pink inside stitching.

Today marks a new chapter at Schiaparelli with the opening of a salon-boutique located 21, place Vendôme.

The unique perspective of Schiaparelli to be an open place of exchange and conversation has always allowed talents to blend in a new, witty, contemporary and creative environment. French chef Cédric Grolet has been invited to create a “clin d’oeil” cake while Tokyo-based Danish floral artist Nicolai Bergmann captures shocking pink flowers into boxed bouquets and French artists Kuntzel+Deygas to produce an imaginative animated film on the relationship of Elsa Schiaparelli and Man Ray.

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